The rings are off, and so is the watch.

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Posted 03 Aug 2009 in baby business, retail therapy

Swelling, party of 1.

Last week, my beloved Storm watch had to come off. It’s got a metal band and could not be adjusted to work with my expanding wrists, so…I bought a new one and had the band set with room to expand. Here it is!

All last week and this past weekend my rings have been tight and uncomfortable, but I was dealing because I just didn’t want them off yet. This morning at 5am, I woke up to actual pain in my ring finger…so I soaked my hands in super cold water and applied liberal soap, and FINALLY got them off. Needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be able to get them back on again for a while. Hopefully they WILL fit again someday.

I ordered a fake set to wear temporarily. It looks like this:

It was only $25…so we’ll see how it works out. I had to order it a half size bigger than what my ring finger currently is (thanks so whole sizes only) so who knows if it’ll fit. If it’s big right away, I’m sure after a few weeks, it’ll fit just fine.

Also – in test results news – the lab tech that told me my iron was low and to take supplements was kind of wrong. Apparently my number was 10.8, and they like it to be around 11 or higher when you’re pregnant (since you have more blood volume, which tends to dilute your iron levels). The nurse I spoke to today said supplements weren’t really necessary, that I could try to add iron in my diet and that should be enough. THANK GOD. I hear those iron pills do a real disservice to an already slowed digestive system. :)

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