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Zzzzzzz….SNORT…WHAT?! I’m awake, I swear!

Posted 09 Mar 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category baby business, The Hubs

Okay, first off – I want to make it blatantly clear that I really DO love Daylight Saving time. Getting home from work and having another 2 hours of daylight is freakin AWESOME.

HOWEVER, I did not care for waking up this morning and having it not get light for ANOTHER HOUR. This whole situation led me to staying in bed with my hair in a towel until 7:40. No bueno.

I cannot WAIT for Spring/Summer though. I’m sick of scarves and jackets. Mexico made me miss my flippies.

In uterus/gote news – the nausea I was feeling on Friday is gone (for now) – I felt relatively good all weekend, aside from a couple belly aches after eating and total fatigue. Oh, and my boobs. They’re ridiculous. They’re veiny and huge. I’m pretty sure I’m on the cusp of a D cup, since I’m already spilling out. This is ridiculous. That would make me a 32D. What am I , some sort of porn star?

We told the hubs’ parents Friday night. It was pretty awesome. We showed them pictures of our vacation, and towards the end there’s a picture of a cake one of the restaurants made for us that says “Congratulations Future Baby” (gotta love the translation weirdness happening there) and when we got to that picture, we just leaned back. His mom kept reading it (not getting it) and finally his dad was all “Are you guys having a baby?!” and his mom squealed for about 20 minutes. It was pretty rad. We told his sister the following night the same way. She’s the first person to seriously cry. And then of course, I cried like a baby. Yay hormones!

And, I think I might be telling one of my girlfriends soon – just because she recently had a baby at the same hospital we’d like to go to, and I need a doc recommendation, stat.

A survey about "US"…

Posted 18 Feb 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category marriage, The Hubs

…lifted from Dooce. Enjoy. And then you do it. You know you want to.

What are your middle names?
Mine is Marie, his is Luke. I think mine is after my great grandmother. I’ll just assume his is after some book I haven’t read called “The Bible.”

How long have you been together?
We’ve been together for 6 years, married for a year and a half.

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
Not very. I met him at Liquor Lyles (dive bar extraordinarie), and a few weeks and phone calls later, we were dating.

Who asked whom out?
I think he asked me for my phone number. And I obliged. Both things are a miracle of modern science considering how effing drunk we both were. (Example: I had no problem flashing my ass crack and he had no problem staring without blinking.)

How old are each of you?
He’s 33, I’m 28. As far as maturity goes, we’re even-steven I win for most mature.

Whose siblings do you see the most?
This is a no-brainer. His. I have none, so they’re quite difficult to “see.”

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
Honestly? This is so sad. The only thing we ever raise our voices about are the damn cats. Miles is almost always sick, and we’re always taking one of them to the vet, and they cost us lots and lots of money. So we fight about it, on occasion. I’m hoping if kids ever enter the picture, they’ll be in much better health. And if not, at least we have good insurance.

Did you go to the same school?
Nope. Never. Unless the “School of Hard Knocks” counts…but come to think of it, I didn’t go there either.

Are you from the same home town?
No. The hubs was raised here in good ole’ Minneapolis. I was born in Boulder, Colorado and raised in Fond du Lac, WI. (Good thing they moved. I would have probably ended up a hippy had they stayed in Boulder. I don’t care for hippies all that much.)

Who is smarter?
This might make me sound like a douche, but I think I am. We always joke that “I’m the brains, he’s the brawn.” He’d admit the same. I’m a nerd. Being smart comes with the territory.

Who is the most sensitive?
I cry easier. Does that make me most sensitive?

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
I bet if you checked our bank statements – Don Pablo’s would come out on top. Yes…a Mexican food chain. Don’t ask why, because I don’t have an answer.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
Costa Rica.

Who has the craziest exes?
Hmmm. Craziest? I don’t think either of us has crazy exes. We certainly tend to run into his much more than mine. I’ll say this about his (and I think he’d say the same about mine) – I don’t know how he ever even dated his exes. And…done.

Who has the worst temper?
The husband once bruised the top of his foot by kicking a coffee table across the room after discovering cat pee in our finished basement, long after we assumed that chapter of our lives was closed. I have a tendency to want to kick and punch things, but I don’t. So…he wins.

Who does the cooking?
Yours truly. The hubs has the privilege of doing most of the grilling, pizza preparing/heating and any grilled ham & cheese sandwiches that might need to be made. I’m the “meal maker,” however. DISCLAIMER: Just because I “make meals” does not equate to those meals being “delicious” or “edible.” A for effort, that’s my mindset.

Who is the neat-freak?
I’ve been known to have an episode about the silverware being in the incorrect compartments in the drawer. And there’s only one other person in the house that could have put it there. Is that enough of an answer?

Who is more stubborn?
The hubs is MUCH more stubborn than me. He gets that from his dad. He might think I’m stubborn, but I’m not. I’M JUST RIGHT.

Who hogs the bed?
Honestly, neither of us is a bed hogger. I really don’t move all that much in my sleep. He doesn’t either. The REAL bed hogs are the cats. I’m worse than he is, but you can lay in any position AS LONG AS YOU DON’T DISTURB THE CATS. Although, most days I’m quite sure they could sleep through an earthquake.

Who wakes up earlier?
Yours truly again. I’m a morning person for sure. He would sleep all day if it was socially acceptable. On occasion I’ll sleep in too, but I have to be pretty damn tired to do so.

Where was your first date?
Rudolph’s Bar-b-que. I think. Right? Yeah….I think I’m right.

Who is more jealous?
I think the hubs gets this one. I’ll talk it up like I’ll cut a bitch, but he might actually do it (if he’s got enough liquid courage in his belly).

How long did it take to get serious?
Uhm…after dating like, 3 months we got a place together. So…pretty much record speed.

Who eats more?
Him. If we compared on a pizza slice consumed basis – he’s about 5 to my 2 or 3.

Who does the laundry?
I do. Somehow, he knows how to read, but is unable to decipher clothing tags with laundering instructions. I’ve had too many shrunken $70 shirts and misshapen bras to allow him to do it unattended. He’ll “help out” sometimes, but I usually have to double check to be sure no clothing is being murdered.

Who’s better with the computer?
That’d be me again. Nerd. “Computer Nerd.” Ain’t no shame in it.

Who drives when you are together?
Most of the time, me. The hubs has a short temper with shitty drivers. And I enjoy driving. Sometimes I make him drive, just because every once in a while I need to see what our neighborhood actually looks like for longer than 1 second glances.

Resolution #1 – FAIL.

Posted 26 Jan 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category marriage, other people are awesome, The Hubs

Wow. I’m all, “I’m gonna blog more!” and then 12 days pass and I don’t even bother. Dammit.

So, anyway…VEGAS! I had TONS of fun. The temperatures managed to stay above normal (read ALMOST 70 degrees!), and I managed not to lose my ass gambling. I did nearly lose my ass shopping.

Lessons Learned: Vegas edition.

1. It doesn’t matter how “comfortable” I seem to think my pointy Chinese Laundry heels are…THEY ARE THE DEVIL. I went out two nights in a row wearing those shoes, and was nearly crippled from them. They are cute though…but…THE DEVIL.

2. Just because they’re penny slots doesn’t mean I can’t blow through $20 in ten minutes. And just because my friends are winning doesn’t mean that I will too.


4. Five days and four nights in Vegas is borderline too much.

5. Don’t ever under-estimate the husband again. I was so tired and cranky from traveling and assumed the worst when I got home. Instead, I came home to a clean house and snuggling. Just what the doctor ordered. :)

So, that about wraps it up. It was super fun. Must do it again sometime. But with the husband instead.

Also, in late breaking news, we booked a trip to Mexico in a month! Can we afford it? NO! But we’re going with my parents, and it will be tons of fun I’m sure. (You have to know my parents to trust me when I say we’re going to have fun.)

I guess I should add:

Resolution #4 – FAIL.


A new year…

Posted 03 Jan 2009 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category house stuffs, the cats, The Hubs

Since I was off in the chilly, snowy north while the world (and blogging world) were ringing in the new year, I decided I’d take the time to do what everyone else has done. My list of the best and worst of 2008. The reasons I’m sad to see the year end, and more than happy to see it go.

The best of 2008

  • The hubs and I enjoyed our first full year of wedded bliss, and our first full year of home ownership. Both went well, without any major improvements or repairs necessary in either area. :)
  • I left the country again for the second time in over ten years, and got to see Costa Rica for the first time. I celebrated my own marriage and one of my best friend’s marriages there.
  • I regained my sanity by giving birth control the boot, and I’ve been enjoying my hormone-free life ever since. AND I’ve managed no accidents in the meantime.
  • I signed up for, trained for and completed the Breast Cancer 3-Day. One of the biggest accomplishments of my life thus far.
  • The husband was hired for a dream job, and I FINALLY got a promotion after almost 5 years at my current job and 2.5 years in my current position. (The promotion just happened a couple weeks ago – I haven’t even had a chance to blog about it yet!)
  • Got a new tattoo.
  • Voted in an election for a candidate I really cared about, and actually had him win.
  • I got bangs, and they actually work.

The worst of 2008

  • I’ve gained over 10 pounds. It shows no sign of letting up either.
  • We’ve spent over FIVE THOUSAND dollars on our cats’ health this year. And thus nearly doubled our credit card debt.
  • My aunt passed away after a 3 year battle with breast cancer.
  • I lost a whole bunch of money with the economy in the shitter.

Here’s to you, 2009. Let’s make it a better year than 2008. :)

I found this interesting.

Posted 19 Dec 2008 — by Mrs. Jenna
Category blog bidnass, The Hubs

It’s no secret that I have a minor blogging crush on Heather Armstrong of Dooce fame. Her blog and “job” are what I envy. I would love to be in her position.

Recently, her husband and other husbands of blogging wives/moms spoke on the point of how they feel about their lives and whatnot being put on public display. I find this interesting because sometimes the hubs feels the same way, and doesn’t always care for all the information about myself that I put out there.

On a related note, I had started a blog entry yesterday – and haven’t published it. I was literally typing my thoughts, and I don’t know how comfortable I am with putting what I’ve typed out there for the world. I might re-write and publish…stay tuned.