January 5th #janphotoaday

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(and 4th, 3rd, 2nd and 1st.)

what i wore

january 5th - what i wore.



january 4th - letterbox.


what i adore

january 3rd - what i adore.



january 2nd - breakfast.



january 1st - me.

January photo a day.

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I’m going to give this a shot. I’m a few days late, so I have some catching up to do.


Why not? Resolutions. 2012.

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Hi! I’m back again! How’s your mom? Great.

I haven’t done new year’s resolutions in a few years, so I figure I’ll give them a shot. I’m going to try to keep it simple, but I think we all know this will fall apart by mid-February. It’s the thought that counts though, AMIRIGHT?


  1. Keep it clean.
    This is in reference to two things. First, my house. Since I haven’t really blogged in like, a fafillion years, I need to update you with the following information. Last night I washed a pan that I used on Christmas Eve. Go ahead and read that again. Yes, it had been sitting on my kitchen counter with dried up brussel sprout remnants on it for over 9 days. Shit gets dirty in our house and it just stays that way, due to no one having time and all of us being slobs. BUT ENOUGH OF THAT. I’m going to make sure that every night, the dirty dishes are in the dishwasher, and all of Abby’s toys are back in her room and clothes are put away…okay. I’m already tired just typing that. But for serious though – this needs to happen. My brain starts to fall apart in the disarray.

    Also, must stop using swears in front of Abbers, or letting her watch non-kid friendly stuff. We had been letting her watch Family Guy (we’re up for a parenting award, I’m aware) and unfortunately she started watching the Christmas episode. After the episode was nearly over (the plot was Stewie wanted to kill Santa – TOTALLY kid friendly) we turned it off after realizing it was not even close to appropriate for her. But not before she started saying “Kill Santa!” Right. No more swears. Or Family Guy. Keep it clean.

  2. Purge, purge, purge.
    After Christmas, it became even MORE glaringly obvious that we have too much stuff in our house. Mostly, ABBY has too much stuff in our house. Yes, I have a lot of clothes and shoes but OMG. THE TOYS. They’re everywhere. We haven’t really shifted the baby toys out of the rotation yet, and thus crap is overflowing and all over the place, which contributes to my clean-house issues. We have to get rid of some of this stuff, whether it’s just storing it out of the way, or donating it, IT HAS TO GO. My friend Mae said something about stuffed animals the other day and I totally agree. Although I don’t know if I could get rid of any of Abby’s because I love them so much, but there’s SO MANY.
  3. Lay off the drugs.
    (I know, this is starting to sound like a re-hab checklist, but whatever. They’re my resolutions.)
    I mentioned back in the fall that I had started medication to make the crazies go away. They’ve been helping, for sure. But they’re also kind of numbing me out. (Remember how I don’t blog anymore? Yeah, I’m passing the blame that-a-way.) I know I’m not better yet, I still have some spectacular panic attacks, but I’m getting there. And I hope to be off these suckers sometime this summer. That would be kick ass. Turns out feeling your feelings is pretty awesome. I miss those days.
  4. Make it pretty.
    I’ve mentioned making over our bedroom and attic on this blog a few times. Know how far along I am with those? NOWHERE. I have a brain full of ideas and nothing to show for them. I would love to just DO IT. Turn our bedroom into a serene snooze-room and the attic into a shared office and guest room. And I plan on doing it this year. I know that I don’t have to do everything all at once. Baby steps. I’m cool with that. But I have to START. All I need to do is get some fresh paint on the walls and the rest will fall into place. Now, just to get the paint up on the walls…And finally…the obvious…ever present resolution…
  5. BLOG MORE. (and take more photos)
    I say this every time I blog lately. I truly DO want to blog more. However, see #3. I don’t know why, but I just don’t have it in me. When Abby’s finally in bed and the hubs and I have that hour or so before WE go to bed, I can’t imagine being productive. I just sit. Or I hop on the interwebs and Pinterest screws my night over. (It’s happened to you too, I know it.) Not to mention we’ve actually been going to bed around Abby’s bedtime lately. Pretty soon we’ll be in bed so we can catch the Wheel before it’s over at 7.

    So in addition to (Christ on a cracker, what the hell do I think I’m doing?) making sure everything’s picked up before I go to bed, I want to dump all my photos onto the computer, and craft a post or two a week. It doesn’t seem that hard, even though lately I know it is. But I am really going to try. And I think I might try a little blog makeover this year. Could be fun, right?

Wow. Okay. That’s a lot. But really it isn’t. And in the long run, these will help me feel more productive and like a real human being again. That would be awesome.

Are you attempting resolutions this year?

Day late and a dollar short.

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Merry totally belated Christmas.

Adios crib. Hello big girl bed.

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Three hours and one effed up shoulder later, we have this.

I have to say, I love it. I got choked up when I started taking apart her crib/toddler bed. When the hubs and I brought the pieces down to the basement, I wondered if we’d ever put it back together again. (I made sure to separate all the screws and bolts and label them accordingly, so I don’t curse the day I ever took it apart. You know, just in case.) And then I started feeling panicky and sweaty so I decided to worry more about getting an Ikea bed assembled and less about procreation and the next five years of my life.

Anyway, Abby loves her new NEW big girl bed.