I’m probably going to cry.

Posted 11 Dec 2011 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Today, we are starting another new chapter in Abby’s life. The REAL big girl bed.

She’s been sleeping in her crib-turned-toddler bed quite well, but with the recent (and successful, might I add) removal of bottles from the bedtime routine, the focus is now majorly on book reading. And she is almost too big to be held in the rocking chair anymore, so we’ve been reading to her in bed. Mostly, I’ve been laying in her effing crib reading to her. (Go ahead and picture that in your mind. Now imagine me trying to get out of her bed without waking her. It’s slapstick comedy at best.)

Anyway, I started moving things around in her room to accommodate said big girl bed. Here’s an in-progress photo shoot:

I’ll update again while in progress. Wish us luck. Ikea can be a bear on Sundays.


What I wore Wednesday.

Posted 07 Dec 2011 — by Mrs. Jenna
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So, I technically wore this yesterday, but Melania suggested I link up today – so here it is!

Gold Sweater – Target
Plaid Scarf – Metropark (now defunct but apparently returning)
Striped Tank – Macy’s
Grey Skinny Jeans – Banana Republic
Boots – Aldo

**Side note: My dear friend Jen, aka The Next Martha, pointed out to me that this photo implies an “outtie.” I can see that. Let me be the first to tell you that I do not, in fact, have an outtie. I blame the horrific, nightmarish lighting in the women’s room on the 6th floor of my building. It is a force to be reckoned with.

Oh. Hai.

Posted 29 Nov 2011 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Whoops. I did that thing where I got writers block and then all the sudden it’s been a month since I posted.

‘Tis the season for lots of family and friends and activities and anxiety.

Let’s not call this a comeback, as LL Cool J might. Lord knows I said that before and then I vanished again.


  1. Abby had like, four birthday parties, partially due to the fact that her great-great-grandfather (the hubs’ grandpa) passed away close to her birthday weekend. The hubs’ parents wanted to be there for him and so they missed her original birthday party. So she had a party at daycare, a party at our house the night of her birthday, a party that weekend, and then another party the following weekend. In between those parties, her great-great-grandfather was laid to rest. He loved her so dearly, it was sad to see him go.
  2. HALLOWEEN! This guurrrlll can trick or treat like nobody’s business. I think mostly she liked ringing doorbells since she was ringing them even when the person was standing right there. She got a crapload of candy which I immediately devoured all instances of KitKats and Reese’s peanut butter cups. Whoops. Whatever. I paid for her costume. That was the fee.
  3. This past month has been a vocabulary whirlwind for lil’ Abbers. Along with that has come some moments of stuttering that can be alarming at times, but usually it gets better, and then she’s got like, 10 more words in her vernacular. She just starting using the word “because” in sentences which may be the cutest thing ever.
  4. She’s started having nightmares about spiders being in/on her blankie, which results in her waking in a crying, screaming panic. Eeek. Something tells me this is somehow my fault. Since GETTHEEFFAWAYFROMMESPIDERSIHATEYOU. I also kind of tickle her pretending to be a spider (which I thought would make her less afraid (my dad did the same)), but maybe it’s making things worse. Regardless, she wakes up and then ends up in our bed. F minus.
  5. I’ve decided I’ve have enough of toting bottles to my parents house and also HAVING A TWO YEAR OLD STILL DRINKING BOTTLES. She only gets one at night, before bed, before tooth brushing, before sleep. I’m too worried about doing this cold turkey and being without her consent, so I decided the “Bottle Fairy” will visit our house over the weekend. We’ll pack all of Abby’s bottles up and put them in a bag under the Christmas tree (yeah, it’s been up for over a week now AND WHAT) and the Bottle Fairy will take them with her and leave a present behind. I heard it’s stickers. Shhhh. We told Abby last night that this was happening, and she seemed excited. (Also I don’t know if she knew what all this really means. I think she only heard “present.”)

Ahhh, so that’s what’s happened in the past month. Also Thanksgiving. But obviously that was just food.

Next post will be a shit-ton of photos from the last month. Hopefully it won’t be Christmas by the time those are up. :)

Monday years old.

Posted 27 Oct 2011 — by Mrs. Jenna
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Today, Abigail turned two. Or as she would like to have you know, “Monday.”

For the last few weeks we’ve been asking her how old she’s going to be, or how old she is…the answer is always “Monday.”

We don’t understand why, but that’s the way it is.

So to my lovely ladybug, the love of my life, my sunshine on cloudy days…

…I’m so happy to be the mama of a little girl who’s Monday.

Holy crap. This is really happening.

Posted 26 Oct 2011 — by Mrs. Jenna
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So, we made this transition last night.

The toddler rail went on the crib.

Abby had started this new life plan which included waking up anytime between 1 am and 4 am crying, DEMANDING to go into our room and sleep in our bed. I would try to just hold her in her room, or rock her in the chair in the corner, but no good. Hysterical, gag-crying, screaming “GO RIGHT DERRRR!” while pointing to our bedroom. And it’s 2:17 in the morning. And I’m totally fucking tired. So, YES. PLEASE SLEEP IN OUR ROOM IF IT MEANS I CAN SLEEP RIGHT NOW. PLZTHX.

Yeah. That got old. And fast. So during her two year wellness check yesterday**, her doctor recommended we try a toddler bed. Maybe she just doesn’t like the whole ‘behind bars’ thing. I get that. Who wants to sleep while constantly fearing becoming someone’s bitch and making sure you don’t drop the soap? Granted, I don’t think she’s aware of those kinds of fears, but I’m sure there’s some toddler-equivalent to frightening prison situations. Like not being able to watch Mickey Mouse whenever or being forced to use a binkie with “ackies” on it. Or child labor.

When I got home from work yesterday I swapped the crib rail for the toddler rail, and waited for the hubs to get home with Abbers. He had told her we had a surprise for her, and when she got in the room and saw it…it was nothing but smiles and squeals and proclamations that “it’s boootiful!!” “BIG GIRL BED!!!!1!!1!”

It was a huge success. The rest of the evening she sat in her bed demanding we bring her books so she could lay and look at them in her big girl bed. We gladly obliged.

She slept through the night in her new bed.

**Yeah, my kid is going to be two. TOMORROW. What? Like, WTF. She moved into the “Older Toddlers” room today at daycare too. I’m pretty sure tomorrow she’s going to start stealing my makeup and planning trips to the mall with her girlfriends AND MOM PLEASE DON’T EMBARRASS ME LIKE THAT. That’s all happening tomorrow. When she turns two. This is all happening too fast. Someone hand me a bottle of wine.