More items to check off the list!

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Posted 19 Jan 2007 in wedding whatnots

Well, as of right now – we have our florist, photographer, and my dress came in! Hooray! It feels SO MUCH BETTER knowing that the biggest items on our list are taken care of. I also love knowing that whenever I want to, I can go to the fiance’s parents house and try on my dress and whatnot…which reminds me my mom said I should cover the dress in a sheet instead of keeping it in the garment bag it was given to me in. It is SO PRETTY. I can hardly wait to wear it! It almost makes me forget why I’m wearing such a pretty dress in the first place. :) Just kidding dude.

We decided to go with Molly’s Flower Studio and Stephen Geffre for our florist and photographer, respectively. I’m really looking forward to working with both of them. Stephen includes an engagement session in his package…but that will have to wait until my lovely mouth jewelry (read: braces) come off in a few months.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ll just go back to working (sort of) and trolling’s discussion boards (more likely).

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