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Posted 19 Jan 2007 in I am a moron, wedding whatnots

…I forgot to mention. In an earlier post I had mentioned about how I felt as though some of the people planning their weddings “didn’t have jobs” because of their planning/bios/scrapbooks. Well, America…I have become one of those girls. And I do have a job. I kept telling myself this whole wedding planning thing wasn’t going to take over my life, but it kind of has. I’m guilty of talking about it all the time (I’m sure with people who don’t care too much, either), I’m on’s discussion boards like, all the time…and I’m constantly trying to stay one step ahead of the next planning activity – and staying as organized about all of it as I can. I’m embarassing myself now.

Alright…I’ve admitted it. *sigh* How many months till August?

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