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Posted 07 Feb 2007 in other people are morons

So…we were thisclose to putting an offer on a house yesterday, but due to THE WORST realtor in history (no, not our sweet Mary Jane, but another realtor representing the sellers) it appears someone had already put an offer on the house. Unfortunetly, the idiot chose not to inform us as we requested the disclosure and whatnot. UGH. I got all riled up and excited (yes, I actually got excited about living in Richfield, 6 blocks from the airport) – only to be crushed late yesterday afternoon. But, it’s cool. Another will come along. Until then, we’ll continue to coexist in the smallest apartment of all time. :) I think I was most excited about the possiblity of not having to have my bedroom directly across from the litterbox – but, who wouldn’t?

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