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Posted 15 Mar 2007 in wedding whatnots

So, a recent theknot.com discussion was around anxiety dreams about the wedding, and whether or not we’d been having them. OF COURSE I have! Let me share a couple.

1.) I dreamt that the ballroom we were supposed to have the reception in was cut in half so we only got half the room…but it didn’t matter because only like, 30 people out of the 220 we invited showed up. Then I got completely wasted out of anger of no one coming and passed out and missed the rest of the reception.

2.) More recently, I dreamt that my dress was falling down – either the zipper was broken or it was too big…but it kept falling down and I wouldn’t notice unless someone told me…which was bad since I wasn’t wearing a bra, and consequently kept flashing everyone in sight for minutes at a time.

And there’s still a little more than 4 months of this left. Who knows what I’ll dream about next?!

A few more reception items have arrived in the mail. You’ll have to wait till then to see them, but good lord – is it easy to spend money on a wedding!

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