We bought a car!!

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Posted 27 Mar 2007 in uncategorized

Yes, ladies and gentleman, the trusty Honda Civic you’ve grown to know and love was traded in yesterday for a shiny new (sort of) CR-V! Here it is…

Ain’t she a beaut? Our first official purchase together. Quite exciting!! I have to admit, I’ll miss the civic – that was by far the best car I’ve ever owned, and never had a major problem with (even with the 134,000 miles we traded it in with!). I’m glad we’ve decided to stick with Hondas, hopefully this car is as nice to us as that one was!

In wedding related news, I ordered the invitations today! I’m hoping they get in before we go to Sconnie for Easter so my mom and I can use our beautiful handwriting skills to start addressing them. What else…we have a try on of 3 tuxes in a month to pick the official “one”, and I’m waiting for the shoes I bought for “The Dress” to be dropped off at my desk today, where I will more than likely try them on and then put them back in the box to return.

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