Busy weekends, begin!

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Posted 21 Jun 2007 in wedding whatnots

Yes, starting this weekend, I’ll have plans EVERY weekend all the way until the 21st of July, when I STILL have plans but will at least be in town! This weekend, the fianceand I are going to my annual family campout. Lots of beer will be consumed, bad jokes will be told, money will be lost, and games will be played. It will be fun, for sure. We’re packing up tonight and heading out around 2 tomorrow. Then, next weekend I’ll be in Chicago for more time with my family, and a lovely shower they’re throwing. Weekend after that is a wedding in Bayfield, then is my bachelorette party fun! Then it’s already the middle of July. Frightening. Lots of work to do.

3 more days and the braces are no more.

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