It’s hot out…

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Posted 13 Jun 2007 in wedding whatnots

…and what better to do than continue wedding planning in 90 degree heat!

(Meanwhile, I’m PRAYING this is Mother Nature getting the heat out of her system for August, so it’s 75 and sunny on the big day. Please?)

So, this weekend is another big planning weekend. Well, I guess I should say Saturday is. At 10am I’ll be having my second fitting with Louise, then the fiance and I will be picking out tie colors for the dudes in the bridal party, and then picking out (and I’m hoping buying!) our wedding bands. I think this is what I’ve been looking forward to the most!

To wrap up the past week or so, the fiance and I applied for our marriage license (and got it! Yay! Good thing we’re not first cousins or felons!), went to Seattle (where it rained and was cold most of the time, boo. I heart Minneapolis!), he started a new job, and we put in the air conditioner in the apartment. We also celebrated the year that’s passed since the fiance proposed, and as of Monday – we’re a mere 2 months from the big day.

My friend emailed me (who’s four months from her big day) totally stressed, hoping I’d be 10x more stressed than her…and surprisingly, I’m not. I’m quite calm. I’m sure that’s about to end though.

12 more days till the braces come off.

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