17 days?!

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Posted 24 Jul 2007 in wedding whatnots

Yes, the wedding is FAST FAST FAST approaching. I almost can’t handle it. Although I know I’ll get everything done, I’m starting to panic just a teensy bit. Eating and sleeping aren’t something I do well these days, and the lists in my head are on full rotation. Things I’ve accomplished on my to do list in the past few days:

Go to Michaels and buy things
Hair Trial
Final Fitting
Design Table Numbers
Test Place Cards
Make 400 more lists of things to do/questions to ask

Speaking of place cards, I’m going to have a hard time filling them out with your name and food choice if you all don’t MAIL IN YOUR RSVPS! I’m going to stop being nice in about 4 days. :)

And THANK YOU to everyone who came to my third and final shower last Thursday at Anita’s house. It was a fabulous party and thank you for all the lovely gifts! For the record, just because I couldn’t unscramble the words “husband” and “forever” doesn’t mean anything. :)

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