Tomorrow is August. Holy Crap.

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Posted 31 Jul 2007 in wedding whatnots

Yes, today is the last day of July, and thus the last day of my sanity. The ole’ acid reflux kicked it up a notch last night and continues to be in full swing today. Is it too late to get on anti-anxiety pills? If you know a good black market dealer – fill me in.

In news fully related to aforementioned anxiety, I took the day off from work yesterday to run a plethora of wedding related errands, and to get the trusty CR-V’s oil changed (you know, for our Honeymoon drive to northern Minnesota?). I feel like I got a lot done, but don’t really have much to show for it. Oh well. This week I’ll be wrapping up a lot of things. My plan is to have nothing to do next week but worry about myself and getting vendors paid. Oh, and get married. Holy crap. We’re getting married next week! I think my reflux just flared upon thinking those thoughts. Deep breaths. Anyone have any relaxation tips? (Aside from eloping.)

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