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Posted 18 Oct 2007 in house stuffs

Our Realtor delivered our counter-counter offer yesterday evening, and then called the seller to be sure he had received it. He had, and she said he sounded very positive about it. He also said his wife wasn’t home from work until later in the evening so he would either get back to us that night or this morning. I guess it’ll be this morning!

He had also said another couple was interested in doing another walk through of the house, and he let them know they were entertaining an offer, but were more than welcome to look at it again. Then, after he let our Realtor know about that, apparently the other couple decided not to look at it again since they wouldn’t be able to put in an offer fast enough to compete with ours (THANK GOD). So he actually called our Realtor back to let her know it’s just us up to bat! He wasn’t even going to try to use that against us.

(My phone rang while I was typing this and I FREAKED OUT thinking it was our Realtor, but it was our insurance dude. Oh well. It was nice talking to him anyway – our auto policy decreased in price! That’s good news.)

So…yeah. We wait some more. I took the liberty of buying a Powerball ticket this morning, cause I figured if we do manage to have an accepted offer on this house, hell will have indeed frozen over and winning the lotto won’t seem so impossible. :)

And for another tease – this is the finished basement in the house. Note the room in the back with the glass door, perfect for the hubs’ drum plans.

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