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Posted 20 Nov 2007 in uncategorized

I actually slept really good last night. REALLY good. Yesterday turned out to be fairly okay. Work didn’t end up sucking as much as it could have, we got the couch moved into our apartment (one casualty was the light bulb in the hallway – oh well), the hubs dad found my keys (thank GOD because it was going to cost $200 just to replace my car keys) and everything was good. So, I had nothing to worry about, and thus, had a – dare I say – AWESOME night’s sleep.

Until I wake up at 6:30am to the hubs freaking out about our trip to Costa Rica and how we put it on the credit card and shouldn’t have since our loan for the house isn’t final approved. Now I’m back to panicking again. At least I got one good night’s sleep.

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