I’m lucky.

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Posted 21 Nov 2007 in uncategorized

Sometimes, I forget how nice it is to work where I do.

Needless to say, my job is at a lull until next Thursday when we launch a new website. So, I haven’t had much to do.

Last night, I went to the Mall of America and bought a new fall coat at H & M, only to get it home and realize the numbskull that rang me up failed to take the security tag off the thing. I pondered trying to remove it myself, and imagined the bright red ink exploding all over everything and decided against it. It was then I remembered, I have nothing to do at work.

So, after my only meeting of the day, I grabbed my new coat and my purse, walked a block to the light rail and went to the mall. They removed the tag, I got takeout lunch from Tucci Benucch, and hopped on the train to come back. Hour and a half later I’m back at work.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow. My plans include watching the Macy’s parade, being lazy for a bit, crying because I’m not going home, and then eating turkey and whatnot at the hubs folks house. It hasn’t hit me yet how sad I’m going to be, but it will tomorrow when I wake up to watch the parade and I’m not home. *sigh* Such is married life, I guess.

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