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Posted 26 Nov 2007 in retail therapy, The Hubs

…ah yes. Naked ring finger. Forgot to put the old wedding ring back on after cleaning yesterday. My hand looks weird, and naked. Best not tell the hubs. :)

Yes, it’s Monday morning…back to the grindstone. I have some sort of weird headache/lightheaded-ness I’m blaming on my retainer (yes, I have a retainer. I invested in braces before the wedding – best money I’ve ever spent, even though it was round two. Braces at 14? Okay. Braces in your mid 20s? Questionable.). I didn’t wear it a lot over the holiday and I think wearing it last night was rough…my teeth seem to have shifted since Thursday.

So, to recap on my Turkey Day weekend…had the grand meal at the hubs’ folks house, then went home and slept sort of and watched Elizabeth (SO GOOD). The hubs had to work Friday, so I did something I never thought I’d ever do. I went shopping on Black Friday. *GASP!* I went with the hubs’ mom & sister, and it wasn’t that bad! I assumed the crowds would eat me alive – but the only store that kind of sucked was Kohls. But they had some pretty good deals so it was understandable. Here’s what I walked away with –

Wireless router from Best Buy for $50 (a really good one!)
3 picture frames from Kohls – reg. $25/piece – on sale for $8.97/piece!
Queen sheet set 300 thread count from Target – $20
And a Christmas present for the hubs that shall go unnamed. :)

We went to see No Country for Old Men on Friday night – SO GOOD. HIGHLY recommended. The main character is so scary – he should win an Oscar for that role.

Saturday we went to a Christmas tree farm with the hubs’ family – we picked out a wreath since we don’t have a house to put a real tree in yet. It was fun – they have tons of animals and kitties to play with. Then we went to the MOA and the hubs actually bought two pairs of shoes, at once. I explained to him it’s okay to have different shoes to pick from, and he shouldn’t be wearing the same pair all the time. So – he bought these. I love them. They’re so daring and unlike any pair of shoes he’s owned since we’ve been together. I told him he needs to develop a shoe fetish like me. He said he’d consider it.

And yesterday we laid around the house, then cleaned and went to Home Depot to buy some tape and boxes. I packed one last night, full of hair and bath products. A whole box, filled with makeup and hair gel and body lotion. I am such a girl.

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