Not Again.

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Posted 07 Nov 2007 in cancer sucks

My mom just emailed me to tell me my dear Aunt Julie is in the ICU right now. Luckily, since I’ve started blogging, she hasn’t gotten as sick as she was a January ago. Most everyone in the family had traveled home for fear of the worst, but luckily she pulled through. It was a horrible case of double pneumonia on top of her already weak body (due to breast cancer). Julie’s been a trooper dealing with a recent relapse, going through chemo and god knows what else to beat this horrible disease. And now, sadly, she’s back in the ICU.

I don’t handle situations like this as well as I used to when I was younger. I could hold it together then. I’m not so good at it now. I’ve already had to sit in a bathroom stall to cry so my coworkers don’t ask “what’s wrong?” because I simply cannot deal with it.

I know Julie – she is one of the toughest broads I know – tough as nails. :) She’s climbed mountains, competed in races, and is one of the most sarcastic-funny people you’ll ever meet. That’s why it’s so upsetting when she does get this ill, she’s so tough – to “give in” and go to the hospital means it’s pretty bad, even by her standards.

So far, I don’t think anyone in my family affected by either breast cancer (3 Aunts and a Grandma) or ovarian cancer (other grandma) have been this frighteningly ill – twice. I’m so scared for her. I have to keep telling myself she’ll pull through. I can’t think of what will happen if she doesn’t.

Please…say a prayer for Julie to whatever God you see fit.

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