Encouraging news, and my dream filled sleep.

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Posted 09 Nov 2007 in uncategorized

Well, my mom informed me that my Auntie Julie was released from the hospital and sent home yesterday (which makes me wonder if the flowers/balloon I ordered even made it to her room before she was discharged?), diagnosed with a relapse of what put her in the hospital 2 years ago, Histoplasmosis. It’s a fungal deal that affects the lungs, that if left untreated, can cause your body to basically shut down. Luckily, she caught it in time again – more than likely a flare up of the same evil from 2 years ago. So…better, but not entirely out of the woods…

In other less serious news, I’ve been having a rough week in the sleep department. Not that I’m not getting any sleep, much the opposite. I’m sleeping well, but have not had one evening that didn’t involve about 3 separate dreams during the night. Last night, I had a few dreams. A couple items from these dreams that stick in my memory are:

  • Being at some sort of party for a friend of mine, then realized I blew off a portion of my dear friend Leslie’s bachelorette party for this other party. Received a call from Leslie telling me to just “forget our friendship, it’s too late” or something of the sort.
  • Being in our new house (many of my dreams this week have had this common theme), and finding ourselves having a party, yet someone was taking a shower in the basement bathroom (a shower I never plan on setting foot in), and me saying to him “I guess it had to be broken in eventually.” What?!
  • My parents telling me they plan on moving to Minneapolis sometime in the next couple years. To some, this may seem like a nightmare, but I was overjoyed. I woke up happy from that dream (not remembering I had it, until my bus ride to work this morning).

Other dreams from this week include:

  • Somehow falling in love with someone who I thought was Slash (yes, from G’nR), but turned out to be a Slash impersonator. Can you say, too much Guitar Hero? Jesus Christ…
  • A horror movie-type dream full of serial killers and quiet neighborhoods. That’s nothing out of the ordinary for me though. :)

That’s all I can recall right now. Needless to say, all this brain activity while I’m trying to sleep is making my seemingly restful, full nights of sleep turn me into a zombie the next day. I remember in one of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, the teenagers took some sort of Anti-Dreaming pill before they went to sleep to stop Freddy – too bad that’s just a shitty horror flick.

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