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Posted 06 Dec 2007 in uncategorized

Top 5 guilty pleasure bands, albums, or songs.

I’ll start with the worst and go from there.

1. “London Bridge” by Fergie. Let me start by saying I hate Fergie. HATE. When this song came out – I got pissed because it’s like, a near blatant rip-off of a Gwen Stefani song (yeah, she’s a guilty pleasure too, but I digress). But, after hearing the actual song – it’s catchy and I like the beat. *sigh* I still hate Fergie though, don’t get me wrong. I mean, really. She peed her pants on stage once and tried to blame it on sweat. Liar.

2. Any album by Braid. These guys were by favorite band from 15 until about the age of 19. I thought they were geniuses and the greatest indie rock band alive. When I listen now…I appreciate what I was thinking then. But, some of the songs are bad. I still listen, though. The husband can’t stand them. I think you had to “grow up with them” to really get it. Again – emo.

3. Justin Timberlake. His music is so good. No one can deny that. However, my superfan-ness is embarrassing, even to myself.

4. “Tom Sawyer” by Rush. I love Rush. Some people don’t. My goal is to some day sing “Tom Sawyer” karaoke. In “that” voice (a la Geddy Lee).

5. Amy Winehouse. She’s in a rough spot. People are dissing her because she’s too popular, an addict, and more than likely insane. But her albums are some of my favorite ones that I own. She’s got a kick ass voice and music style. I just hope she’s around long enough to make another album.

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