What, me work?

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Posted 06 Dec 2007 in house stuffs

If I’m too excited to work now, how will I work next week?

We’re going to our house-to-be in less than 3 hours so we can take measurements and get one last look before the official walk through next week. I’m getting so excited to move. All of our utilities have been transferred (aside from cable – Comcast has decided to make transferring our cable the biggest pain in the ass EVER) and the hubs got a truck lined up – we’ll have it for two days, Friday and Saturday.

I finally packed something last night. Books – 3 boxes. Well, more like 2.5 boxes, I put some towels and a couple sheets (more like painting drop cloths) in a box with some books to make it less ominous. I also cleaned the mildew off the wall/ceiling near the shower last night. The hubs kept telling me to just leave it – but I couldn’t. It was grossing me out so bad – I didn’t want people helping us move to see it. I wasn’t worried about the landlord’s thoughts, just my friends and family. Typical.

This weekend there will have to be some serious packing taking place. Like – everything but some clothes and maybe some dishes should be packed. It’s so overwhelming – I’m already preparing items for procrastination use.

Alright – I need to get back to “working.” More later.

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