And I forgot to post about the dresses!

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Posted 07 Jan 2008 in retail therapy

So, the dresses came in. Victoria’s secret is on crack.

Three of the four dresses I ordered in a size small. They all fit me totally different.

The purpley one with a print was kind of cute – but it was one of those bubble hem lines that I can’t figure looks flattering on anyone. Thank god – that was the most expensive one.

The green one is cute, but super casual. I might keep it anyway for the summer and for a day dress – it’s not wedding-y enough.

The pink one is actually terry cloth, and requires bosoms such as the lady in the picture to keep it up. I’ll be sending that back for sure.

And the black one is the one my husband told me to keep. It fits pretty well, but he made a good point – black on the beach is kind of weird. (And I only slightly agree. Black is good for any occasion – even if it is on the beach.) It’s an eyelet fabric…and since I don’t have a full length mirror in my house I have no clue what looks like on me. I’ll have to wait until I buy a mirror for my final decision. And I still have a dress coming in from Zumiez to try on (the white & black print).

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