You know it’s going to be a bad Monday…

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Posted 07 Jan 2008 in uncategorized

…when you wake up thinking it’s the weekend. I woke up at 6:30am when my alarm went off but was in such a deep slumber I had no recollection of shutting the thing off. All I thought was, “Thank god I can sleep in today – there’s no way I could get up now.” And, within a nanosecond – the flood of memory reminding me that it is, in fact Monday, and I DO have to be up AND go to work comes pouring in. Blast.

Walking to the train was ridiculous. I must have looked like a cross between Charlie Chaplain and Tony Little maneuvering the ice. (I only mention Tony Little since I had a ponytail and sort of making “Gazelle” movements.) Four steps outside of my house and I heard the downtown bound train pull up. Again…Monday craptasticness.

And now I’m at work. I ended up being here until almost 7pm on Friday because a server was taking a shit and I had no idea how to fix it. Good times. I have another eye doc appointment this afternoon anyway, so it’ll all even out in the end, timewise. I’m hoping the doc will give me the good news that I can start wearing my contacts again and stop being four-eyes for a while. I can’t imagine trying to enjoy myself in Costa Rica with my glasses on. Can you snorkel with glasses?

I saw Juno Saturday night with L. It was her fiance’s bachelor party that my husband was attending, so she stayed at my house for the night, and we caught a movie. If it’s not too cliche – “Run! Don’t walk – to see Juno!” SUCH a good movie. I want to see it again – with the husband. Ellen Page wins.

That’s all for now. It’s officially 30 degrees in this office and I must put my coat on for fear of hypothermia.

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