Ah, Tuesday. Sigh.

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Posted 11 Feb 2008 in retail therapy, uncategorized

So, I’m really not kidding when I say scientists need to concentrate less on global warming and more on making a juice that makes me motivated to do things. Like work. I’ve never in my life been more, uh, procrastinate-y than I am now. Although my list of things to do here is small, I’d rather give blood again than do any of my work. (anyone who knows me knows my one blood donation experience did not go well.)

In other news, I bought the pinkish-red Betsey Johnson glasses with my no money. (read: credit card) Hey – we’re getting “free” money from Uncle Sam in May. I’ve just got half of mine spent already. :) But I can’t WAIT to get my new glasses. I heart them.

In more painful news, I need to get a crown on one of my teeth. Boo. I went for a checkup yesterday (apparently my first in almost 3 years! ooops…) and although I didn’t have any cavities, she said there was a small one forming underneath a huge silver filling in one of my molars, and that I should just get a crown before I need a root canal. Uh…okay. Booooo! So, February 26th, my mouth and my pocketbook will be a little lighter.

Other than that – no other news to report. Sad. Sad existence, sometimes.

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