All’s well that ends well.

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Posted 07 Feb 2008 in uncategorized

So, I had my phone interview yesterday. The lady I spoke to was super cool. Things went really well. I admitted to my lack of budgeting skills, yet touted my work in content/maintenance, and my educational background in graphic design. She wanted me to come in the next day to meet the owner and a few other people. I felt it was in the bag.

I returned to my desk after the phone call to arrange a time via email to come to their office and do the meet and greet. And suddenly, I felt I needed to know the salary. It’s one of the first things that would make me stray from this opportunity. So, I emailed her and asked. Then, of course, she emailed me back and asked, “what would make me happy?”

Uhm, $100K a year would make me happy, but here’s this.

The range I gave her was $5K-$15K more than what I make now. Reasonable, because honestly, that’s what it would take for me to leave.

She came back with $5K-$10K less than what I make now. I politely declined the position.

So – no harm done. The whole experience was great for me – I appreciate my job much more now than I did on Monday. :)

In other news, I want to buy a new pair of eyeglasses. The two pair that I found at Macy’s that I LOVE are Betsey Johnson. I want them both. One pair is hot pink and the other is black, green and white. Of course, I can’t find any photos of said glasses so I can’t post them, but I’m torn. Also, I have no money to pay for new glasses.

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