Ahh, Friday.

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Posted 07 Mar 2008 in house stuffs

Friday has never seemed so good. Although this was only a 4 day week for me, it’s been a long one. Not to mention cold. My legs were frozen solid by the time I made it to the train station 2.5 blocks from my house. (It’s a whopping -3° F right now, and it’s 9:30am!) It’s supposed to be around 40° F next week, and I cannot wait! I just want the snow to melt so we can hang out in our backyard. :)

No big plans for the weekend, although I have a few things I’d like to do. The finished attic of our house is being used as an office/closet for me. And it’s a complete MESS. I want to buy a bunch of hooks to hang my plethora of purses on, unpack my 3 boxes of shoes, and just tidy things up a bit. That’s an all weekend project. The hubs is planning on brewing beer this weekend, so maybe while he’s doing that I’ll play with my shoes and clothes. The whole house needs a bit of a tidying as well. Ah, to be Susy-homemaker again. 😛

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