Weekend wrap.

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Posted 10 Mar 2008 in house stuffs

A weekend where I got something accomplished?! WHAT?!

Yes, it’s true. I got some things done this weekend. I single-handedly programmed and installed a wireless garage door opener keypad on our garage (hooray me!). Gone are the days of bringing our one and only remote in the house with us every time we get home. (We have a detached garage that lacks a side door.) I also cleaned the shit out of the attic. Literally and figuratively. I only have 1/4 of a box left to unpack (unpacked a total of 5) and have to organize/clean the office area of said attic. I will take a picture of the closet portion. I can now see all of my shoes out and about now. It’s a glorious feeling. I also filled up an entire garbage bag full of clothes to donate to Goodwill. Awesome. I hung a hook rack to hang my purses on. It’s mine, all mine! (and to drive that fact home, I also unpacked a portion of my doll (creepy or otherwise) collection. That should deter the hubs from wanting to hang out up there. He has his drums, I have my dolls.)

Anyway, the hubs brewed some beer. *snicker* Actually, I should give him more credit, it was a lengthy, nit-picky process that took up a good portion of the day. (Lacey, I think he uses Brewers’ Best? Or something. Anyway, the kit was annoying. They don’t use consistent names for everything so it gets confusing.) We’ll know in about a week how this batch turned out. :) He did that mostly himself while I installed openers and organized the attic.

So, hooray for a sense of accomplishment. I had a craving for seared yellowfin tuna that was never satisfied over the weekend. Hmmmm…

Today, I finally bought my ticket to visit Martini. CANNOT WAIT. Funny how, once again, my spring/summer weekends are dropping away one by one, and it’s only March. :)

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