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Posted 18 Apr 2008 in cancer sucks

Mostly because I have SARS or Mad Cow disease (or just a cold) and it’s making it hard to just survive, no less have an original blog entry.

To summarize, breast cancer sucks.

Requesting good thoughts and prayers…
…again for Julie. Her battle is becoming more and more difficult. I may be going home in a few days, more than likely to say goodbye. I love her dearly and pray that she could make it through this, but I don’t know if that’s possible anymore.

Please keep her (and our entire family) in your thoughts and prayers. We’re all having a hard time and could use all the support we can get!

(Give your mom, sister, daughter, aunt or best friend a hug and tell them how much you love them! It breaks my heart that I might not make it home in time to do so with my aunt. )

I haven’t gotten “the word” yet to go home, but I’ve practically already packed my things so I can leave whenever.

I promise promise promise my blog won’t always be sad and gloomy. It’s just that, that’s all that I can think about.

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