Prin kicked me in the ass. :)

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Posted 22 Apr 2008 in blog bidnass

She did. I read a post of hers and she reminded me that I CAN blog, even if, to me…nothing is happening in my little world. Things are happening. I just don’t always think they matter. Sometimes, I get caught up in other blogs, where people have more going on than getting excited about Wednesday nights because a new episode of Ghost Hunters is going to be on. Blogs where people do things – like my BFF’s blog. I LOVE reading her blog. (Mostly because she does things I’ll probably never do!) It makes me wonder, why should I bother writing about my Sunday of leaf raking (again), working on L’s slideshow for her wedding and having a BBQ with the in-laws? Who wants to read that – how is THAT exciting or worth anyone’s time?

I need to stop trying to be entertaining and start being myself. (Because, in all honesty, I’m pretty entertaining, without trying. Read: I’m a dork.)

Anyway – things in my life are pretty tied up with Auntie Julie, but I’m still living my life as normally as I can. This too, shall pass.

So…without further adieu…a real post!

Today I am excited because my work started “Casual Summer” a whole month early – meaning today. This isn’t TOO huge of a deal since I pretty much wear what I want most days, unless I have a meeting with important people. However, with this announcement, I shall start wearing flip flops immediately. I might even add a new pair of jeans to my arsenal. Hmmm, maybe I should wait until I visit Martini and try to find a pair then. Anyway – hooray for casual summer!

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