Cleaning makes me sick.

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Posted 23 Apr 2009 in baby business, house stuffs

It’s true.

I’ve only really cleaned twice since being knocked up. Once last Thursday, and again last night. Both evenings of cleaning involved vacuuming and laundry, and both resulted in me feeling like ASS the next day, with a backache, headache, and even a little nausea.

Granted, when I clean… I really clean. (Also, I had no choice with the super cleaning, our house was a PIT – it’s been since before Mexico (which was almost TWO MONTHS AGO) that I had actually cleaned.)

So, today…I pay for it. However, our bedroom and bathroom are spotless, and a couple loads of laundry have been done.

There’s something about knowing it’s going to be warm out that makes me want to clean. Like, open windows = vacuumed rug. I don’t totally understand, but whatevs. I’m glad the house is clean.

Also, ain’t it a bitch that while it WILL be warm today and tomorrow, the weekend forecast is for absolute suckage. Lamesauce. Looks like I’ll be holed up at home…which is fine. I still have to tackle the guest room and the (finished) attic…which is going to absolutely suck. I’ve been piling crap on the stairs leading up to the attic for months…and as a whole, there’s just stuff everywhere up there. So…maybe a rainy Saturday is what I need to get it done.

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