Much like R. Kelly…

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Posted 24 Apr 2009 in baby business, blog bidnass

*note – this post originally was on this blog while I was “secret blogging” over on my pregnancy blog. in case you’re confused.

…I’ve been trapped in the closet the past couple of months.

Unlike R. Kelly, I have not been peeing on 15 year olds.

Anyway, this is my weird and lame attempt at spilling the beans, letting the cat out of the bag, blah blah blah.

I, your trusty blogger friend, am pregnant.

Indeed, dramatic prairie dog, indeed.

I’m just about 2 months along…so…7 more to go. I’m not huge yet…thank you very much, and have not thrown up once. (Knock on wood.)

I’m due November 10th.

If you’re really wanting to know more, (and I mean way WAY more…) I’ve been keeping a blog on the side so I can bitch and gripe about my knockedupedness.

So, yeah! That’s that. Enjoy, discuss, leave hate messages, you know…whatever.

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