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Posted 27 Apr 2009 in baby business

I’m less than 200 days away now! Eee! (Still, 197 to go, but…anyway.)

So…weekend recap.

Ended up seeing Louis CK FRONT ROW on Friday night (so effing funny), and stayed out too late. (Too late meaning 11:30pm. Grandma, party of one.)

Saturday, went out for breakfast with the hubs and then went to Lowe’s and picked up some potted flowers for our house/yard. Two hanging, one tabletop and one patio rose bush. Here’s hoping I don’t kill any of them. (Yeah, right.) Then just stayed home that night, watched The Day the Earth Stood Still (F -) and then, to bed.

Sunday, slept until 8:30am (no longer capable of sleeping in on the weekends. Boo). Then went to see a friend perform in Seussical the Musical, then home, nap time, dinner, tv, bed.

Exciting, no?

Tomorrow, I’m officially 12 weeks! Yahoo!

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