All is well on the uterus front…

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Posted 16 Jun 2009 in baby business

So, I had my ultrasound and 19 week appointment this morning. All is well. The little ninja is right on track, nothing out of the ordinary on the ultrasound, just a beautiful profile and some long legs. :) The babe wasn’t moving nearly as much as the last time we saw it, but it seems like it’s twice the size it was the last time, so it makes sense – less room to move around!

(You’ll have to wait for the ultrasound pics – I want to show them off to my parents on Thursday before I show them off on the internets. :) Sorry!)

And…I stayed strong and we didn’t find out the sex. Not that we could have if we wanted to – the babe had it’s legs crossed the whole time!

So, to celebrate seeing the ninja again, I took myself to Macy’s to peruse the maternity section and to buy myself some new bras (since mine are slightly ill fitting now-a-days). I bought a nice shirt for my shower on Friday, and then headed to the “intimates” section. Forty minutes later, I had three new bras in hand, and new knowledge about my new body. I went up TWO SIZES. (insert look of shock here.) But my god, are my new bras comfy. All I want to do is go home and put one on. Sooo sad. :)

New belly pic will go up later today. Keep your eyes peeled below!

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