Looonnggg weekend update!

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Posted 22 Jun 2009 in baby business

You’ll notice the huge lack of updates last week, that’s because I flew home to the land of cows on Thursday morning, and just got back last night!

I was thrown a wonderful shower by my BFF Martini, and all my girlfriends from back home came! It was SO nice to see everyone, and all my girls were incredibly generous. This lil’ ninja will be set when it arrives! I’ll load up some pictures of the loot (and the adorable diaper cake Martini MADE HERSELF. That’s right, SHE made it. Awesome.).

And I know I still owe the internets a 19 week belly pic and some ultrasound pics too. Well, bad news, I’m lame and never took a 19 week pic. But I will scan the u/s pics and hope to have them all up along with a 20 week belly pic a little later on.

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