Today is panic day.

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Posted 16 Sep 2009 in baby business

Usually, once a week or so (maybe every other week) I have a day where I randomly begin to panic about all the stuff I still have to do to get ready for this baby. I start making a shitty mental list of these items, and by the evening they’ve all since been forgotten because LOOK! TWO FULL HOURS OF FAMILY GUY ON TBS! Then, a week or so later the cycle continues.

So, I’ve committed myself to making a list – a real list – that I can carry with me, of all the things I have to do before this ninja/smudge/bebeh arrives.

As a side note – I’ll like to sit down and talk to my frenemy – Sleep.

Listen up, Sleep. I know you and I really haven’t been getting along well the past week or so. I know that my bladder makes most of the decisions around these parts – and you’re not to blame. However…this whole “no position is comfortable so you may as well sleep in the closet on a pile of blankets” thing we’ve got going on isn’t working…FOR ANYONE. I realized last night that what I thought was pregnancy induced carpal tunnel like symptoms is more than likely me sleeping with my hands balled into fists for some reason or another. Why, you ask? Who the eff knows. (Maybe because I’m waiting for you to show your ugly face so I can beat it to a pulp.) Also, my hips almost exploded out of their sockets overnight last night, despite the usage of a fafillion different kinds of pillows. And the boppy wedge that I chose to “wedge” behind my back in order to avoid rolling onto my back? Only made everything way WAY worse.

I dread nighttime now. I’m always so tired, and I look at our bed and I just want to cry. (Do you hear that Sleep? You’re making a pregnant woman cry. You may as well off a couple puppies while you’re at it.)

That is all.

(Tonight, I’ll get a belly pic. Promise.)

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