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Posted 29 Jan 2010 in blog bidnass

Hey y’all.

The hubs mentioned to me that the new layout on this site is taking a while to load and looking kind of funky on his computer at work.

Sometimes I forget that not everyone has a Mac. (You don’t have one yet? You should. Except, don’t get the iTampon…er…iPad. Get a MacBook or something. And then get me a new one too, thanks.)

Anyway – if you’re noticing this site looking like ass or the page is taking a kajillion hours to load, could you let me know in the comments section for this post? Just let me know what the issue is and also let me know if you’re Windows or Mac, and which browser you’re using. I can’t test the site on a PC until I get to work next week, and since I’ve had the last 4 months off I probably shouldn’t start back by playing around on my blog.

Thanks a bunch! And don’t forget to re-follow my blog/resubscribe!

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