Someone have the phone number for Hair Club for Men?

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Posted 28 Jan 2010 in motherhood, not so much

No, seriously.

I cannot even believe how much hair I am losing. I read that this would happen. I also read that my hair would get thicker with pregnancy. IT DIDN’T.

I really shouldn’t complain, my hair has always been pretty thick. I would always lose a bit every day in the shower, but I’m pulling out handfuls now. There are enough tresses in my drain catch to give Barbie a hair transplant. But what can I do? A big fat NOTHING.

Thankfully, even though showering feels like a scene in a horror movie, I’m not really noticing my hair being thinner. Yet. (And by typing said words, I probably just cursed myself.)

In other news, I had my abdomen ultrasound-ed yesterday. It was really weird. I mean, I was watching the tech show me all my organs on the screen and kept thinking that it was only like, 10 months ago that I saw my little girl on the screen for the first time. I was waiting for him to find my liver and say “and there’s the baby!” or something like that. ::shudder:: If I heard those words again so soon…gah. Speaking of horror movies…

Anyway – no word yet from the doctor. If I was a betting lady (which I am) I would say there were no stones in that ultrasound. Just a big ol’ empty gallbladder. I wish the doc would just call me so I can find out.

Four more days until I go back to work…

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