3 months.

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Posted 28 Jan 2010 in Abigail, motherhood, paparazzi
My sweet, spitty baby.
You’re three months old today. We celebrated by going to Babies R Us and buying you a few new toys, and by redoing my blog while you helped by sleeping. It was a fun day for sure.
You’ve already grown out of half of your 3 month sleepers, and have officially graduated to the level 2 nipples offered by Dr. Brown. (Pretty awesome, huh?)
I’m sad to say that the three month anniversary of your birth also means that momma’s going back to work. Grandpa Mike had a couple trial Abbycare days in preparation the past few days. While I fully trust both him and Grandma Chris, I will more than likely cry every day that I leave you. In fact, today you cried while we were at the store, simply because you couldn’t see me. And I nearly cried when I realized what that meant.
So, another month under the belt. Another month wiser, for both of us.
Love you much,

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