I’m getting an ultrasound tomorrow.

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Posted 26 Jan 2010 in not so much

No, dear internets, I am not knocked up again, THANK YOU BABY JESUS.

Lately, the dreaded avocado episodes are back. Indeed they were triggered by guacamole consumption (so sue me) and now the old gallbladder is just acting like a bitch again and hurting me all the time.

I was almost fully convinced I wasn’t going to need any treatment for it after I had Abby because it seemed I could eat anything and everything I hadn’t been able to while it was acting up. But I hadn’t attempted the dreaded avocado. And then I did and then my gallbladder (AKA Vincent*) was all “OH NO YOU DI’ENT” and then I nearly died from pain.

So, I saw a loverly doctor today who scheduled me for an ultrasound of my jerky abdomen tomorrow morning at 8am (8 hours of no food beforehand?! They’d better start that thing at 8am ON THE DOT) to see if I’ve got some stones hanging out in there. I’m almost hoping there are, because the simple solution to relieve me of my pain is to yank the sucker out. She’d like to do it this week, if possible.

At first I panicked at the prospect of more time in the hospital, but in reality, as long as I don’t have to vaginally deliver my gallbladder I’m pretty sure this will be a walk in the park.

In other news, Abby will be 3 months old tomorrow and DEAR GOD I GO BACK TO WORK IN A WEEK. Unless they pull out Vincent. Then it might be a little longer before work.

So, until I post a tear jerker post about how my child is practically already a grown up, I bid you adieu.

*A note about my gallbladder being named Vincent. My dear e-friend Poeia helped me name it. Vincent seemed the best since it makes me think of Vincent Price and I can only imagine my gallbladder being devious and having an awesome pencil-thin mustache.

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