Hungry baby = fast post.

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Posted 19 Jan 2010 in baby business, motherhood

Hello internets.

Again, routine in the Abby house = not much excitement. However, MY MOTHER is coming to stay with us! Her flight gets in at 5-ish today, and she’s staying through the weekend (my dad is driving up on Friday). The hubs and I keep saying “they’re going to shit when they see how much she’s changed.” Like, at least once a day we say that. It’s getting ridiculous, but it’s so true.

Anyway, Abby and I will be at the airport to pick her up, and I’m hoping she blesses my mom with a big gummy smile. They’re still few and far between so when they happen it’s pretty monumental.

Other than that, I go back to work TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY. I am both excited and totally dreading that day at once.

Sorry there’s nothing funny to report with this post. Except maybe the fact that I smell like cat butt. Did I mention I didn’t shower yesterday? Because I didn’t.

And…Abby just filled her diapers. The sheer force of her pushing out the poo made the pacifier in her mouth shoot across the room. THERE’S your excitement, internets. Enjoy.

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