We’re called ladies of the night.

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Posted 25 Feb 2010 in blog bidnass

Voting restarted for one of the “Top Blogs” links on the right while I was in Mexico…and now I’m suffering. I used to be in the 30s! Now…not even close.

If each one of my readers (followers & subscribers) each clicked on these links after reading this post…it would help IMMENSELY.

Maybe I’ll even post a picture of me all hot, sweaty and greasy at Chichen Itza. C’mon…you know you wanna see my greased up bangs. You’ll need a lobotomy to erase the horror beauty from your brain.

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  1. The818

    I clicked for you while you were away. And I gave you some bloggy love today.

    (There, a poem for you.)



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