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Posted 26 Apr 2010 in Abigail, blog bidnass

Hello, dear interwebs.

Busy busy weekend behind us. One which started with a Friday headache and ended with a mountain of laundry and a crabby Abbers.

We picked up our new ottoman on Saturday, went to the memorial service for my friend Sarah, watched the movies Brothers and Angels & Demons (reviews below) and dealt with Abbers and her newly erupting SECOND TOOFIE. Within weeks she’ll have a couple of teeth on the bottom like the proud hillbilly she is. (Please, no hillbilly hate mail. I mean that in the nicest, toothless way possible.)

(Here come movie reviews for movies you’ve more than likely seen already. Enjoy!)

So, anyway, we watched “Brothers” on Friday night. Pretty good. I for the most part HATE Toby Maguire, but he wasn’t horrible in this. I was afraid of him, and I think that was the point, but I kept looking at him and then Jake Gyllenhaal and couldn’t figure out what the question was. If Natalie Portman’s character knew them both in high school and CHOSE TOBY MAGUIRE ON PURPOSE then what is this world coming to? SERIOUSLY?! I cannot put logic into this thinking. Jake Gyllenhaal had a neck tattoo and smoked and WAS HOT. Toby Maguire was gross and thin and had a military hair cut. I can’t discuss this anymore. I’m getting angry. Final call? Worth seeing. Kind of depressing, but good nonetheless.

Then we watched DVRed “Angels and Demons.” I had neglected even bothering with this movie because I couldn’t stare at the HORRIBLE haircut Tom Hanks had in the “Davinci Code.” Two and a half more hours of that mullet? NO THANK YOU. But I caved since it was Saturday afternoon and we were being lazy. Turns out…NO MULLET! Hooray! And Ewan McGregor! Things were looking up. And then I pretty much called everything else in the movie except for the end…and then the second end. (Yeah, this is one of those movies where you’re all “Ahhh, it’s over. OH WAIT. It’s still going! Here’s that extra half hour!”) So Ewan plays a priest character, and throughout the whole movie I kept thinking about the movie Quills where Joaquin Phoenix plays a priest or something and I don’t need to tell you more because that movie was hot and awesome. Final Call, entertaining, I guess…if you have 150 minutes to burn. And watch Quills too.

Reading those reviews makes me realize I should stick to regular blogging and not do reviews.

Anyway, I have a boatload of pictures from the past month to get up. I’m going to attempt to before the month is over.

Also, my order from Modern Bird is taking longer because I can’t make a goddamned decision. You’d think that the outcome was going to rule whether I live or die.

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