Barfless Tuesday/Lawsuit Wednesday

Posted 05 May 2010 in Abigail, baby business, house stuffs, motherhood

You know, kind of like “Wordless Wednesday” but not really.

Yes, Abby made it through Tuesday sans the technicolor yawn. (high-five.) We’re slowly working on getting her better. She’s on 100% formula, but still only having about five ounces a sitting instead of seven. If she stays vom-free today, I may offer her some rice cereal tonight. We need to get back on track with the solids!

Monday I spent four hours cleaning my house from top to bottom, nearly using an entire package of Clorox Disinfecting Wipes in the process. Do you know how great those things are? Especially when you have baby vomit in the cracks of your hardwood floor.

Also on Monday, I took Abbers to the doc for the second time about her horrendous diaper rash. It’s only been getting worse despite countless applications of an antifungal/hydrocortisone cocktail and Triple Paste. We had to see a doctor different than Abby’s normal doc since she isn’t in on Monday. She said that the antifungal should take care of it. And to “air it out.” YOU air it out, Ms. Doctor Lady. Do you not realize that we’ve been swimming in a sea of barf and poop for the past week? I do not care to add urine to the list of fluids in between floor slats, THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

So, I attempted to buy cloth diapers and let her wear those for a while. But those are a lot of work. It dawned on me that maybe Abby’s diapers with this new dry max stuff might be causing the irritation (the only new thing we’ve added to her diaper routine), so I bought a package of Seventh Generation diapers and OHMYGOD I love them. It’s like they took a mold of Abby’s bum and made a diaper just for her. I started using them Monday night – no leaks, awesome absorbency.

Today I find out that there’s a lot of hoopla going on about her old diapers. We used to use Pampers Swaddlers (now with DRY MAX!), they fit her well, she rarely had leaks and I loved how soft they were. If you’re interested in knowing what’s going on (or maybe isn’t…who knows until there’s further investigation) read this article. Or visit the Facebook group. Or just search “Pampers” in Google News for more info.

Needless to say, until this is settled, we’re a Seventh Generation household. Added bonus: they don’t have effing Elmo on their diapers. I don’t care for Elmo. Not one bit.


  1. D

    Hope you dont have to see/smell/hear anthing vomit related for a looong time!
    And I’m kind of worried about this Pampers Dry Max drama! We just put our baby girl in the new dry max diapers… I haven’t noticed anything yet. What should I be looking for?

  2. A couple of months ago I bought a pack of pampers, and after only wearing ONE of the diapers for TWO hours she had a huge diaper rash. I stopped using them, ran to Target quickly for some Huggies and wrote them a not so pleasant e-mail. With out a reply from them I received a check in the mail for the cost of the diapers.

  3. @D – it started looking almost like ringworm – red circle with lighter middle…and then got bigger and bigger and spread. And then started peeling. (I’m grossing myself out talking about it.)

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