Random Fact Friday.

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Posted 07 May 2010 in Abigail, blog bidnass, The Hubs

  • I am wearing my tall gray boots today. I love them. However, all I can smell is leather. It’s grossing me out.
  • I would like to wear my “April” dress for “Six Months + Six Dresses” (which I still have to take a photo of) tonight, but the entire ensemble is quite summery. And it’s supposed to snow tonight. Yeah, that’s no typo. SNOW. I effing LOVE Minnesota.
  • Abbers has her six month appointment this afternoon. Complete with shots, diaper rash investigation part three, airing of grievances and feats of strength. Eerily similar to Festivus.
  • I bought The Carrie Diaries today. I used to pride myself on reading challenging literature. Now, I read what I know I can digest in 10 minute increments because that’s the longest I’ll get to read a book at any given moment before I get pooped on, have to feed someone or have to exit the train.
  • You can now “Like” Blogged Bliss on Facebook. See over there…on the right? Go ahead! DO IT.
  • Our daughter apparently has plans to be a snake when she grows up, as the most common sound you’ll hear out of her mouth is “SSssssssssssss…”
  • Can I have this room? I mean, I know it’s a “teen room” but OMG. I WANT IT. I’m sure the hubs would be fine with it too. (Just ignore the “girly” descriptive term. It’ll be fine. Just smile and nod your head. THERE you go.)


  1. I am liking you on facebook!

    And your festivus thing cracked me up!

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