I know I know.


Clearly, not blogging.

I’d like to direct you to my pal Felicia. She posted about this very subject on Monday. This is why I love her. (Warning: She uses some swears. Hell, I use swears. If you can’t handle it you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog, you goodie-goodie, you.)

So, anyway…life was happening and I was not really around a ‘puter to get to the bloggin’ this weekend. We drove to my parents house in Wiscompton and did some relaxing with my folks. Abbers had her third opportunity to sleep in her pack and play…only this time she was too big for the bassinet, so she just slept in the other part. I use the word “slept” loosely since she didn’t really. She HATED it. She slept on my chest in our bed. Meanwhile, I didn’t sleep.

Monday we had Mommy/Daughter day and went to IKEA to hunt down the crib we’ll be assembling at my parents house lest we go through the no-sleep -solution again. I managed to find a duvet for our bed that was a whopping $14.99 and bought some new throw pillows so I now have a GREY AND YELLOW BEDROOM! (Except for the blue walls, but I digress.) I bought some other crap too.


Do you see that? “Your package has been delivered.” Do you know what package that is?



I’m going to take a crap load of photos tonight and share them. I promise. The hubs owes me a night of devotion to my compy.

Oh yeah, Happy Moms day to all y’all mammas. I trust it was splendid for each of you. The hubs was kind enough to spring for a pair of replacement William Rast Jeans for the ones I purchased many many moons ago. My pregnant and post-pregnancy gams managed to rub a hole through the inner thigh, making them an “at home” kind of jean. Now, I have a new pair. YUSSSSSS. Alright, check back later for photos that I PROMISE I’LL PUT UP.


  1. You better! Which color did you go with?

  2. We hope you love it!! We are adding it to our FB page, and to our online gallery soon…BOOYAH!

  3. @ the lucky ms. ninjapanza – The dark plum and antique white? I think? Dark plum for sure, the other color I don’t remember. :)

  4. It’s gorgeous. Beautiful. Just like your girl. (And I’m so jealous, I could die.)

  5. Okay – got here from a tweet. HAD to be your latest follower because that kid is CUTER! and you have a Modern Bird piece of art. 😉

    OH – and you live HERE in Minnesota. We are having a blog gathering June 5th at MOA, I know but its central, and you can find the details HERE – http://www.mommysnest.com/2010/04/cathy-posted-this-and-i-am-ripping-it.html

  6. Amy

    You better! Which color did you go with?

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