9 months.

Posted 27 Jul 2010 in Abigail, motherhood, paparazzi


So, you’re 3/4 of a year old. I cannot begin to describe how awesome and incredibly sad that is all at once. You’re full of movement now – you’re pretty much crawling, just pulled yourself to standing for the first time tonight, and also have your 5th and 6th teeth coming in. You’ve learned the cutest tricks, including open mouth kissing and feeding us your bottles and puffs. You’re also kind of repeating us, in your own way. (Which is hope stays at your minimal levels, since I recall yelling “JESUS CHRIST YOU DOUCHE WIPE.” at a car while we were driving home from your grandparents this evening.)

(He had it coming.)

(Do as I…uh…say…in theory. Not as I do. Or say.)

I love you more than words can say. I can’t even fathom that you’ll be a year old in a few months.



  1. AMy

    I love that pic!! Happy 9 months! My guy was just nine months this week too. Time is going by way too fast!

  2. Her cheeks seriously KILL ME!

  3. THAT is a cute baby. And what is it about her expression that makes me think she’s thinking something really sarcastic? LOL

  4. I imagine she’s thinking, “Seriously mom? The token ‘bubbles on the head’ photo? GREAT.”

  5. D

    What a great picture! Too cute! Happy 9 Months :) My baby girl turned 9 months on Tuesday as well.

  6. That picture is awesome!

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