Absent…for good reason(s).

Posted 12 Sep 2010 in blog bidnass, motherhood, other people are awesome, RAD, The Hubs

Yep, I’ve been missing. However, my bestie from the westie has been in town since Thursday, and we’ve been celebrating, catching up, and staying up way too late.

The celebrating has been for good reason also.

Tomorrow is my birthday. In fact, I will be:

I have reached the point where I welcome it. My twenties were good. However, they were not all good. But…for the most part good. I’m ready for 30.

Turning 30 has also brought this into my life:

My new tattoo. And that’s a shitty photo, but there it is. A peony (which reminds me of my grandmother’s front yard) and a marigold, the birth flower for October (for Abby…and my grandma). Below it is “Fig. 10-27,” for their shared birthday. Zach at Uptown Tattoo did it. The hubs got it for me for my birthday. And I couldn’t love it more. I was always apprehensive about getting a tattoo on my arm, because I’d have to love it. And I am in love. I almost feel complete having it. Does that sound weird? Oh well.

So – that’s where I’ve been. :) I’ll be absent for a bit more…work’s been insane and it’s my birthday week, so I have an excuse. :)

Hope everyone is having an awesome September!


  1. Sara

    Happy Birthday to you! I think 30 is awesome. And I think your tattoo is DOPE.

  2. Dude. I love the tattoo. I actually plan on getting a shoulder cap tattoo of peonies & ranunculus because they are my favorite flowers! Now that I’ve seen how good it can look I am STOKED. Happy Birthday!

  3. Nice tat! I’ve been thinking about getting hibiscus flowers on my rib area forever now. I’m too chicken to get it there though. I can just imagine I’d be the fool to only get it halfway done because I couldn’t stand the pain.

  4. That tattoo is freaking the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I love this idea. Maybe I’ll totally copy you and get a tattoo for my 30th in June.

    Happy Birthday Mama ~ I love you!

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