Sailing the seas of poop.

Posted 15 Sep 2010 in Abigail, baby business, motherhood

With Abby fast approaching her 1st birthday, I’ve taken for granted the lack of blowouts and poop stories I had when she was younger.


The past 3 days have been nothing short of Pooptown. Like…poop. Lots of poop. Runny, disgusting, diaper rash inducing poop.

I’ll assume that the majority of you who haven’t closed your browser or skipped to the next post in your reader are parents yourselves, or at least pet owners. (We as a “community” are not so scurred of poop. Am I right? HIGH FIVE, POOP CLEANERS!)

Last week, a little cut on Abby’s finger started to look like it might be infected. Turns out, traditional methods of neosporin and band-aids are not recommended for babies who chew on their hands 24 hours a day. I know, you’re like…WHAAAAAA? ME TOO. So, like the good parent I am, I watched it…hoping it would get better.

Abby stayed the night at her grandparents house Friday while Mommy & Daddy celebrated Mommy’s second annual 29th birthday. While we were indulging in adult beverages, her finger blew up like, twofold. SO, Saturday included a trip to Urgent Care. We came home with a bottle of amoxicillin. By Monday, her finger was looking better. Also on Monday, Auntie Amanda picked her up to get her ready for her bath, only to announce, “She’s wet!” where we proceeded to notice the shit stains all over her pajama bottoms. A blowout. Of diarrhea proportions. OH GOD. DOESN’T LOOK GOOD.

So, she’s got the shits from the medication. Enter my dear mother-in-law. Due to a crazy scenario including a since-removed tumor, she no longer has her sense of smell. So, imagine her horror last night when she decided to check Abby’s diaper the old fashioned way by sticking a couple fingers in it to see if it was wet, only to pull out a poop covered mess.

Abby’s only got 2.5 more days of the medication. 2.5 more days to sail the seas of poop.

Also – even though she’s 10.5 months old, Abby had her 9 month check yesterday. Official stats: 30 inches long, 21 lb 13.5 oz. I’ve got myself a tall baby girl.


  1. I found yogurt to be a good remedy for the poops when on antibiotics – both for my girl and myself. YoBaby!

  2. Jeff

    The same reaction happens to adults as well, when taking antibiotics. The reason is that the antibiotics kill off beneficial intestinal bacteria, which are vital to maintain regular digestion (regular = no runs!). This is usually less pronounced in adults, since their digestion is more established than an infant (and an adult has a larger intestine, obviously, so more has to be killed off to get the same effect). Ask your pediatrician about a probiotic you can give Abby to reverse the antibiotic side effects. :)

  3. Oh dear. We just went to the pedi this week and she said that a great way to help with that is probiotics. I bought a thing of it at Target, it’s just a powder you mix in with her milk or food. It’s helped so much. Because apparently there’s a condition called “Toddler Diarrhea” (who knew) where it’s common that once something happens to START it it doesn’t stop. The stomachs are still not developed to balance things back out on their own. So it was like 3 weeks of it and a diaper rash (which got so bad she ended up with Staph)…that is finally clear thanks to probiotics (and other ‘script creams for the staph obviously). If you need the name I can get off my butt and go get it and tell you.

  4. I love me a good poop story! Once, I walked into my son’s room (he was about your daughter’s age), and saw a turd on the floor. Just sitting there. Gone unnoticed, how long? And HOW did it get there?

  5. Happy 2nd anniversary of your 29th! I’ll be celebrating my 10th anniversary of 29 next month. whoopie!

    The sea of poop is no fun, my friend. No fun at all. Definitely try some probiotics to balance her system back out!

    Your poor mother in law! LOL although, really, anyone who sticks their fingers in a baby’s diaper without checking for whats inside first (and then I guess there’d be no need to go poking around w/ your fingers anyway) is just asking for trouble!

  6. I’m getting ready to have my first baby, so reading posts like this make me look forward to motherhood haha! Poor dear mother-in-law. I’m going to have to remember what someone commented: yogurt. Hopefully I will remember when the time arises and it will work! I hope you are finally free of the poosplosion.

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