Abby’s party will not be perfect.

Posted 09 Oct 2010 in Abigail, baby business, motherhood

To say that I have a lot going on right now would be an understatement. Basement & bathroom remodel, the hubs belated birthday celebration, stomach flu recovery, planning & prepping for out of town guests, working 32 hours a week….all culminating with Abby’s birthday.

Oh…that’s right. I have a birthday party to plan.

Lately, amongst other things, extravagant first birthday parties are all the rage. Specifically in the (deep breath) mommy blogger sect. Everything coordinated, fancy favor bags, personalized water bottles, expensive cakes, decorations up the wazooo…the list goes on and on.

So, of course…I got caught up in it. Started scouring Etsy for the perfect handmade “Happy Birthday” banner. Brainstormed theme ideas. Ordered invitations from Tiny Prints. Imagined our dining table transformed into a favor/cake altar worthy of gracing the pages of Martha Stewart magazine.

Then life happened.

This week I entered a panic mode because not only have I not invited anyone save a few family members…I haven’t planned anything. ANYTHING.

Tonight, I decided that’s okay. Tonight I decided – that’s just not us. This is hardly going to be a party full of kids. We just don’t know that many people with children. And as much as I think a photo collage of a thousand dollar birthday party would look awesome in my blog…that’s just not how we are.

We WILL have a beautiful party. There’ll be balloons, food, a cake and a bunch of people who love Abby. (I’m sure there’ll be a few gifts too.) She’ll probably freak the eff out because WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE AND WHY IS IT SO LOUD AND PRESENTS AND SUGAR AND SENSORY OVERLOAD.

So that’s that. When she’s older and wants a freaking princess birthday party, a princess party she will have. Until then, we’ll keep it simple.

*The obvious disclaimer: Big fancy parties are cool. In fact, some of my friends have thrown them. I’m not hatin’. They’re just not for us.


  1. Dude I hear ya, if people hadn’t sent me decor I wouldn’t have had anything.

    That being said, if you want to make some tissue poms they are EASY and can seriously transform a room and are the cheapest decor ever.

    have fun, the party will be great!

  2. I’m with you on this one. Despite me scouring Etsy for cute banners and cupcake toppers, I’m actually not ordering anything from there. And it’s still going to be a kick ass party. :)

  3. Ashley

    As a crazy mom who did the tissue paper pom poms, fancy gift bags and personalized water bottles, I can honestly tell you the kids and Annabelle would have had just as much fun with paper napkins, a homemade cake and pizza from Dominos. Abby’s birthday party will be fun because of the people & the love, not the table cloths and Etsy stickers!

  4. If I had to do my daughter’s first birthday all over again, there would be one little cake and one bottle of wine….for me. The kids don’t understand thousand dollar birthdays or ten dollar birthdays.

    Just found your blog today, looking forward to reading more.

  5. 3 things.
    1. tissue paper poms. EASY, get tissue paper from the dollar store, done.
    2. balloons, nough said
    3. $1 plastic table clothes in party colors.
    I am one of the crazy moms, I know i’m crazy and going over bord but that’s me, it’s how i roll. I know this, i have a problem. BUT there can be a total transformation of your space without a lot of time or effort. nothing 30mins of folding and fluffing and a quick trip to party city won’t help with!

  6. @Elizabeth – Thanks for stopping by! And I totally agree – she won’t know the difference!

  7. @Ashley – So true! :)

  8. @Erin – Definitely. Watch me eat my words once I set foot into a party supply store. :)

  9. @Joanna – one of my bffs is going to make these for me! Thank you for the suggestion!!

  10. @D – Etsy is good for ideas. And then I check back into reality. :) Thanks!

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