Careful, now.

Posted 13 Oct 2010 in baby business, marriage, motherhood, The Hubs

Let me start this post by saying this:

I’m about to talk about stuff that people such as co-workers, men in general and my family probably don’t want to read. So, if you’re any of these people, kindly exit stage right. I’ll wait patiently with my Minnesota Twins Homer Hanky on my head. And a mustache.

Alright, if you’re still here and you’re one of those people, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Yesterday, I had a visit with John the Midwife. Don’t get ahead of yourself, I’m not pregnant like the rest of the blogosphere seems to be. However, the time had come. The IUD had to come out.

AGAIN – let me reiterate – I DON’T WANT TO GET PREGNANT.

Although Mirena is supposed to do a plethora of wonderful things, the only positive I’ve had from it is not getting pregnant. (cheers and applause) The 2 weeks of bleeding a month, random cramping and possible emotional side effects? It’s been 10 months. I’ve had enough.

Honestly, I’m really bummed this didn’t work out. Not getting pregnant and never having to think about it? AWESOME. Like, TOTALLY AWESOME. The side effects were just outweighing the positive. But then the question arose – what do I do now?!

After a good long talk with the hubs, and then with John the Midwife…I came to a conclusion. I’m back to NFP/charting/temping/TTA and ::ehem:: other barriers.

I did this for a full year before we tried to have a baby, and it worked quite well. More importantly, I was hormone free and felt really good. Granted, now that I know what pregnancy and childbirth are like, I am deathly afraid of becoming pregnant again, which is making me doubt this method…but I think it’ll be okay. I’m about to renew my subscription to a certain website, and already feel better. My brain feels clearer. Who knows, maybe this will help me with my anxiety? Only time will tell.

So, here’s to not getting knocked up, eh?


  1. Sara

    I KNOW! For cryin out LOUD everyone is all pregnant.

    Anyhow, I hope your hormones n shit stay happy.

  2. Now that you put that out in the universe (that you don’t want to get pregnant) it’s totally going to happen.

  3. @Felicia – you shut your whore mouth. :)

  4. coleen

    longtime lurker coming out to say that that, ahem, ‘method’ worked just fine for my for four years after i bled for TWO MONTHS STRAIGHT before having my mirena ripped joyfully from my ute. two. months. of never ending, heavy, disgusting bloodiness. and four years of hap-hazardly tracking, ahem, fluids…eeewww. but it works! so good for you!

    (now don’t go getting all pregnant on me)

  5. Or you could just be celibate like me… then there’s no chance of the preggers!

    ::shoots self in head::

    Yeah, I lied…anything is better than celibacy.

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